Diverse Product Designers team with UI&UX skills who love to build powerful and elegant products with 10 years of experience in the tech industry

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Industry expertise: Fintech, Medical, Travel, Oil&Gas, Social, NGO, Startups on early stage
Full Product design
Web, iOS, Android
Product Videos
UI Kit, Design Systems
SMM Visual Strategy
Full Marketing Visual support
Hiring support


A platform for experts to coach clients online. Introwise can handle scheduling, payments and video calls, set the availability and price of the expert — all in one place


Nelly — UX/UI designer, Art director
Lera — UX/UI/Graphic designer
Chinchi — UI/Graphic designer


Introwise had a MVP after membership
on Techstar and existed & worked product,
but they wanted to redesign the current system to the brand-new design and make a design of new features


1. Created concepts for landing and full UI
2. Created UI kits, choose typeface, colors, illustrations
3. Design & Prototype:
   — dashboard
   — calendar
   — sessions
   — video calls
   — expert page
   — emails
   — support developers with a new design

4. Landing page
5. Marketing materials: stickers,
meta-tag images, for social media, emails
6. Redesign current system
7. Presentations

— Autonomy design work, report once a week, questions to the customer only on crucial points for the product

— 12 concepts of visual style, SMM visual strategy

— Complete design product support

All Talants

AllTalent is a professional network for creative people from film industry, television and theater in Russia. Users can connect with experts, find a job, participate in domain-specific challenges,
and showcase their talent


Nelly — UX/UI designer, Art director
Chinchi — UI designer


1. Design a Dashboard allowing users to find the important information they need faster with an existing design system

2. Redesign the current pricing page using current design system and make all sections flexible/changeable for the current CMS system


Started out with a research of dashboard structure and collected a moodboard to set a visual direction. Then designed several layouts and gathered feedbacks from the team

Worked in collaboration with lead designer, developers and manager

Work in existing framework & design system with lots of dependencies in a team of developers.

First Genetics

A medical laboratory specializing in genetic research and testing. Genetic testing involves examining your DNA, the chemical database that carries instructions for your body's functions


Nelly — UX/UI designer, Art director
Lera — Researcher
Chinchi — UI designer
Sasha — Web Concept & Motion
Svetlana — Web [HTML] developer


Website re-design
Design of documents
User research
User Study
Registration system for ECO clinicians
Sequence system website

— Launch
— 16 user interviews
— Mega attention to detail both from client & us
— Collaboration with dna-laboratory and marketing
— Complete design product support
— After website redesign, we started 3 other projects with this client


A platform for socially responsible business, increases employee engagement through the development of corporate volunteering


Nelly — UX/UI designer
Chinchi — UI designer
Sasha — UI designer


Redesign and create design system
Make UX of MVP more clear
Create usability bugs report: UX/UI, copywriting, errors, user flow
Prototype updated product with new features
Redesign old features
Deliver design to developers
Test implementation and create list of fixes

Subproject: Financial education for kids with huge analytics.

Case Study
— Improved navigation
— Working within existing framework & design system with a team of developers, preparing features with all states


OSDY is a travel-management system,
that provides business travel services
for companies with 100+ employees

With Osdy's help, customers book
full business-trips (flight train, hotel, transfer),
get correct documentation for accountant


Nelly — Product Designer
Svetlana — Web Developer


Redesign of landing
20+ pages company website with blog
Documentation design
Decks, all brand & marketing materials
Design support for 2+ years

BehanceCase Study
— Launch
— Full product design & support
— B2b user testing with hypothesis
— Full Sales & Marketing collateral


Platform for financial planning, expense and income tracking, personal money management


Nelly — UX/UI designer
Chinchi — Illustrator, UI designer
Masha — Illustrator, Landing


Iterate on landing page, and onboarding process. Creating user-oriented app

Re-think app's logic, structure, create full UX, work on content, illustrations

Case Study
— Full product design
— User interviews, onboarding iterations
— 20+ iterations on landing page
— Design thinking workshops with client


Sberbank is the main Russian bank that provides financial services for people, businesses and government


Nelly — UX researcher


1) Insurance ux hackathon. Sberbank arranged huge hackathon to find ideas and ux flows about how to improve insurance service for their clients (people)

2) UX research was helped during training course at bangbangeducation.ru (with mentor from Sber)

3) Landing page for promo-celebration day

4) 2 webpages for new service

Case Study (2)
— Hackathon #2 prise
— User interviews


The biggest online bank / marketplace in Russia with multiple services


Nelly — UX writer

ProjectsCase Study
Improving usability and copy in 12+ products, launching new 5+

Alan AI

Conversational Voice AI platform, that provides best functionality to add voice assistant to any application


Nelly — Full Design support, Leading Marketing, Video Sales & Marketing Collateral creation

Case Study
Full marketing design. 200+ videos


Concept App for Public Safety that was made under the CentralSquare brand while working at Alan AI


Nelly — UX/UI designer

Case Study
iOS [iPhone, iPad] & Android apps with voice assistant


IOS & Web App for meeting notes with voice support. Automatically highlights key moments of a meeting, shares playable meeting highlights and lets search any missed moment of a conversation


Nelly — Product Design, Marketing

Case Study
Constant iterative improvements of each little detail


Marketing support for the international food delivery startup that connects restaurants and people


Nelly — Marketing designer

Case Study
— Leading marketing across 3 countries
— Automating the process of creating marketing materials


Portfolio for web development studio


Nelly — Product Designer

Case Study
1 month for packaging a portfolio for a developers team company
Wrote texts, made 50+ mockups


Meta finds a consultant for a specific user's request within a chosen price range.


Nelly — Product Designer

Case Study
Onboarding improvements


Concept form redesign


Nelly — UX/UI designer

Case Study
Improving the usability & UI of the checkout process


Online platform for school students
to study math and other subjects. The teacher of the schools can login, generate code, send codes to the people and then they can go to the platform and study online with interesting and high quality interactive tests.


Nelly — UX designer of math quiz

Case Study
System approach to setting a task for team members

Personal Projects

Here’s a collection of my favorite things we’ve made over the years.


Work in progress. Building web app to learn several languages and dance

Layout Mash

Layout Mash is a tool for generating banners. To create a banner you just need to upload a picture, a logo and a title with a note

Try it

Ginger app

Tool for animating several SVG icons. Unfinished


Random quotes from the book Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy


Type-designer-quotes randomizer (rus)


Tinder for long-term rent


Revival of Fred G Cooper's typeface

Tell-Tale HEART

Animation of logo for music band. Using variable fonts, thanks for scripts to Nick and Alex. Listen to the music without mic or make some sounds to see what's going on


Hand-crafted font made during workshop + Glyphs.

Materials: sponge, ink, particles of other fonts


Version of glagolica font made for learning purposes

Luminari Mono

This is first version of mono font made for learning purposes

Short Stories

Published series of books about family stories

Data visualisation

Research & Study project on data viz of Russian Post Office

Math Tutor

Nelly teaches math online for 10+ years

Brandin, SM




Experimental cartoon, made iteratively (1h/week) during a year

VUI Mirari

Instagram about voice user interface

Product's Hero Images

Telegram channel with inspiration from apps & tools, launched on Product Hunt

Coffee Ordering app with voice

Developed within Alan Course

by Marketing team and me

Art meetups

Art & Calligraphy workshop at LOKAL we did in collaboration with a_mazeina


visualized the Cantor set (fractal ™) through a tree (instead of a line segment) and typography.

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