Nelly Kam

Designs IT-products with your team, their team, or independently

Interaction, interface, human-computer interaction, experience design, UX

Portfolio (2018–2020)
Behance (2012–2018)


From 2016 I have been working full-time remotely at Alan AI, SF-based company. We invented, designed and developed Alan Studio, that helps companies add Voice & Visual Assistant to their apps and websites. 

I was in charge of various design tasks: user research, prototyping, mobile apps, websites, print materials, slide decks, sales videos. I’m currently helping Sales & Marketing teams improve their marketing assets for sales and investors outreach. About my work at Alan AI

UI/UX Design
iOS, Android
Team Leading

Since 2012, I have been

  • Extracting the essence of business challenges & customers behaviors, converting them into solutions {Number, Introwise, First Genetics}
  • Designing meaningful and visually strong user interfaces for web apps, regular sites and mobile apps
  • Building features from MVPs to full-scale using TRIZ
  • Optimizing startup teams’ corporate cultures, managing and hiring
  • Working with clients from USA, Canada, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan across different industries: fintech, medical, travel, oil & gas, public safety, social, startups at an early stage
  • Consulting startup founders on design optimization, usability, social media visual system planning, lead-gen, decks, investor pitch couching Product Hunt 
  • Working with code occasionally. I have basic understanding of the front-end & back end area {H2G2, Ginger, Paralang}
If you want condensed information about my skills, check my CV

Outside of work

Curious about what I'm currently working on? Take a look at my Personal Projects and:

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  1. Favourite designers: David Carson, Tashi Mannox, WA Dwiggins
  2. Coffee order: Americano with lemon
  3. Master’s Degree: Applied Math
  4. Dream Destination: here
  5. Movies & Shows: Amelie, IT Crowd, Fleabag, the Big Bang Theory
  6. Favorite books About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design, The Elements of Typographic Style, Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

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